I'm Jennifer Shnaidman
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What am I great at? : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Currently evolving with HTML5 and CSS3. I illustrate and can write copy or articles.

Schooling : Graduated with a DEC in Graphic and Web Design from John Abbott College.

Most recent job : Web integration at Soia & Kyo.

What I did there : Graphical newsletters, updating our Magento-based website, photo retouching.

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Make the simple things beautiful.

Born and raised in Montreal, I grew up on a steady diet of fantasy novels, commercials, and arts & crafts. In my teens I taught myself to code and took up making websites as a hobby. I excelled at every fine art I took a shining to, but ultimately, paper and pencil are my truest friends.

In 2011 I graduated with a DEC in Graphic and Web Design from John Abbott College, but I had already been working with clients for years. I'm a critical thinker with a creative brain running like a hamster on a wheel. I've yet to encounter a situation I couldn't Macguyver my way into or out of, and ultimately leave it improved in some way.

I get bored with nothing to do, so I do quite a lot. Taught myself to design and draft clothing (even won some cosplay awards) and now I'm teaching myself couture. I write blogs and journals and urban-fantasy fiction. I kick back with rock shows and kickboxing. When I'm not designing for others, I make stuff for myself and gifts for friends.

My dream job is a small-to-medium agency with a fabulous mishmash of work that challenges and excites me. I've got good creative muscles, I just need to room to flex 'em.